Spotlight on Giving Back – Wonderfully Made

Give – this is one of my words for 2014.  I am definitely setting goals for myself, but somehow picking a few words seemed to help focus me.  This year I really want to put my beliefs into motion.  I want them to be felt and not just heard.  So, I am hoping that you all won’t mind the detour as I share a bit more than photography here every so often.

This is a place where I will share with you companies that I love to support, and companies that I am making an effort to support more.  First up is Wonderfully Made.  My sweet friend Allie Marie Smith is the founder of Wonderfully Made and I think you will enjoy her words and heart.  Wonderfully Made’s vision is “helping young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value and worth”.  They have college chapters and host conferences across the United States.  You can also help support them by purchasing items from their WM Boutique.  These are some of my favorite items.  I just got the scripted tee and it is unbelievably soft.  Enjoy your day friends!

Spotlight on giving back 1 - wonderfully made